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Badwolf Enclosures For Sale

Would anyone be interested in a Badwolf Enclosure for their GT2B? I have a couple extra and I would let them go for $27 shipped to your door. I can print more too. I have orange and hot pink PLA and I also have black and glow in the dark ABS. Just kind of gauging interest. Thanks guys.

i STILL have one on my desk from Shapeways. one of these days…

Yea I actually did one last night. It’s not too bad.

i might be interested in one.

Sounds good just let me know if you have any questions.

I’m interested! Black if I’m being picky!

PMd. Just shoot me the PayPal and I’ll get started!

Do you have the weight of a printed enclosure?

I sure don’t. I’m sorry. It is very light though.

Bump! Anyone else need one?

still selling these? I think I’m interested. Black abs?

Yes my paypal is [email protected] I can print one tomorrow

hey i need two of these. what can you do for me on price sir? shipped to 60467 Illinois USA

Can you print this out with ABS?

Yes. In black. …

All orders shipped! Anyone else want one?

Hey do you ship to Ontario, Canada?

I would just like to comment that i got my remotes very quickly and even though i havent had time to assemble them yet, I can tell that the print quality is great! very durable and they look good. 10/10 would recommend
Thanks @stuxtruth

@stuxtruth does the print include the switch as well or just the top and bottom shell? also any chance you could print it in white?

Hate to burst your bubble, but I am big into 3D Modeling and respect the work BadWolf put into making this. Saying that when I see someone selling them, I very politely tell them that it is illegal. Unless BadWolf gave you permission to sell, he can sue you for income 10 fold and lawyer fees. The creative commons license is very strict on Thingiverse. If this is a chance you would like to take go right ahead. Anyway, I don’t want to sound mean in anyway, you can try modeling one yourself and sell them all you want…

I would also like to add that $27 is REALLY expensive… It probably costs you less that $2 in filament to print these