Baffled by Trampa

I love Trampa. i want to build one. But as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur type of guy, they baffle me. When eskating ramped up they had what we call first mover advantage: mountain boards are durable and rugged, just what boosted boards need for last mile applications.

But what happened? They remained focused on mountain boards. And kite boards. Don’t send me hate email yet: all I am saying is that last mile applications are 30x the market share of mountain anything.

Then along comes an artist like Kaly, using some Trampa components, that point the way to a rugged urban future where low slung commuters whisk their way to work in style. How does Trampa respond? They cancel the Holypro deck that everyone loves.

(As CEO I would have bought the Kaly brand or hired him or at least copied him until I could get my own enclosure strategy and urban board figured out. Sorry, it’s business.)

Meanwhile, marketing and social media are battling for the billion dollar eboard future. What will win the day? BRAND. Go check out the Trampa YouTube channel. Maybe 400 subscribers. Kaly has a bigger social media presence.

Don’t blame me. I’m trying to help. Maybe they will continue to be just our little secret. But I’m baffled.


Iirc they tried doing something like that with etoxx

I wouldn’t try helping trampa, they cant help themselves


You are not the only one, every recent move seems to go against what would make them stand out more and drive them to being ignored by most

The number of people on the forum saying that they never would buy from them has increased a lot with the recent developments

That’s a shame because for the limited things I bought from them the quality is too


whos going to start a reasonably priced with quality products mountainboard company that is reputable and fair?

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my eyes still hurt everytime i see the rims in the wrong color wich they send me :tired_face:

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Ok in @trampa defense they did follow up on my email while I was asleep last night. I get mistakes happen. Lord knows I make mistakes from time to time. I’m feeling much better about things now that my issues is being handled.


This thread needs more SKATEboarding…

Can you fill me in on what the recent developments with Trampa are? I have seen random threads and posts scattered around with people voicing their dismay and displeasure with the brand, but I haven’t seen any first hand accounts of them doing something wrong. As far as I know, all they’ve done is ‘cancel’ the holypro deck.

I certainly dont think they have done anything wrong. I hope my initial post didn’t suggest that. I think they have tremendous potential in an industry that is at an inflection point.

I personally have no problems with them and I actually hold them very high up. I can say I am one of the vesc 6 alpha backers, and ive had amazing customer service from @trampa and the team. even when my vesc died from a capacitor leak many months after purchase, they replaced it free of charge!

all I wish to see happen is for a more budget esk8 being available as i’m skint, but I definitely cant complain on the quality of the products I have received.

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We have dropped the HS11 for a good reason. Each deck we offer needs to be stocked in all different ply ratings in a reasonable quantity. We offer a lot of different decks and that means a lot of stock on the shelf. There is only a certain amount of stock we can carry. Most people want the HolyPro.

If you want underboard batteries the Orrsom is the perfect platform to go for. Agile, fast, takes pneumatics and PU wheels, easy battery configuration. It’s perfect for the urban environment.


Dropping some parts, not sending hangers to @Nowind and @Kaly

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Problem with the deck is that it looks horrible. No sex appeal. Like a girl with no ass. Totally flat.


I’d have to agree. The orrsom doesn’t look near as nice as the HS11.


I had washers missing in my order, but didn’t raise an issue and just sourced my own. What I find weird is @trampa not supplying to @Kaly or @Nowind.

They add diversity to the brand IMO, even if @Kaly puts his own brand on it. Not like that doesn’t happen with other manufacturers, rebranding is quite common.

More recently I see the @trampa Barrels as a direct copy of the @Nowind elastomere dampers. Way to lose cred. I’ll be looking elsewhere in future.


They also have to be the only company that still exists that has a website that loads so incredibly slowly it does each image individually

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Oh and @trampa, friends referring me? It was @Nowind that referred me to your brand.


I wish I had known about orrsum before I bought an evolve. But evolve has a finished product with battery. I bet they outsell Trampa 100 to 1. This is what I am talking about. Productization and marketing.

This thread is getting dangerously close to vendor bashing. If you have something to ask, then do so. If your just dogging on Trampa maybe move it to a private thread?


It’s really hard to discuss a vendor here without someone sharing a negative experience and it just degenerating, especially when a lot of our vendors can be quite polar.