Baja board owners

Baja boards isn’t very well covered on our forum. Maybe for good reason. Do you own a Baja board? Share your experience. Why don’t you own a Baja? Is it price?

I’m thinking about picking up a used board, but no one has them up for sale.

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This guy in VA messaged me on FB today to try to get some ride in with us…

I believe he said @Kaly built this

Apparently it’s like a 6k build.

I don’t know If he’s on the forums…


I met a couple of the guys who run the company in Aus last year, really nice bunch of people.

Got to try out one of the 4WD builds briefly. They’re really quite different from any other board I’ve tried (unsurprisingly). Insane amount of power and the suspension is really nice as well


Upgraded components I’m guessing? Jeez I didn’t want it at the 5 k mark lol. That looks pretty sweet, wish I could find someone getting rid of one on the cheap


Wouldn’t the independent suspension and shocks pretty much eliminate speed wobbles?

I think they are trying to lose weight lately, there is scope in that dept.E.g. they are ditching the headway cells afaik. It’s a lot of machine would love to try one

You’ve probably seen it already but they’ve started taking pre-orders for models that’ll be starting at around $2.2k USD

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Don’t own one, main issue is weight.

I kind of feel like this esk8 ‘thing’ would be a good fit for a last mile/public transport travel. That means I’d need to be able to carry it around. My Trampa is on the too heavy side, and a BajaBoard weighs double that!

Price no longer seems like such an issue. BajaBoard G4 (2WD) goes for $2800 (AUD), whereas a Raptor 2 is $2059 (AUD). That’s a pretty easy upsell to me, if it wasn’t so damn heavy.

They’re local to me. Wonder if they’d do a ‘rolling chassis’ :thinking:


I haven’t seen that. 8 just saw on their site selling for almost 5k for the 4 motor model. Where are the specs for that 2.2k model?

Ah I just realised at this stage it’s for Aus and NZ only. I expect they’ll ship to all their normal markets later on though. Sounds like they’ve been able to reduce the cost a fair bit cause they’re in the process of setting up a dedicated production line etc.

Looks like the 4wd models will be starting at $3150USD

Here’s the page here if you’re able to access it:

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Oh that makes sense of why I can’t see it.

Wow 3150 is far more affordable. Maybe I’ll wait for those preordered to pick one up.

Hi there guys

My impressions on the Bajaboard.

The Baja is a beast unlike anything out there so far, it is on a league of it own, to approach it you need to go in with an OPEN mind.

PROS. As a purpose oriented board I think it is the top of the pack. super powerful and will obliterate any off-road trail, acceleration is just crazy insane, man insane.

CONS. Hard to tame and handle, it does not handle like a board, the maneuverability is greatly compromised due to the size, weight and suspension system.

In short IMO a well design eMTB should be like a DirtBike, agile, manageable weight and over the top power delivery system.

The Baja feels more like a ATV image

There is a lot of fun to have on it, You know it can perform, the power and engineering are there.

In the end is about the preference of the end user, because I have seen amazing things done on a dirtbike and on an ATV as well.


Thanks for the write up bro. I think I need to get On one of these Asap


The price is hard to justify becuase you can get an actual ATV for that kinda money.

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But it’s not electric!

I know it’s not a Baja board, but maybe these have some potential, for science at least. I’d think that with your reputation and clout around here, you could get good deal from Jason @DIYEboard on a rolling board kit and build it up yo to your specs. I’d be really curious to see what you could do with one of these and how the quality and durability measure up.


My sister used to work as their PR/social marketer so I’ve had enough experience riding it.

I can say with confidence that I agree with everything you’ve said. It has the power and capability to go anywhere and is basically in a league of it’s own. However the weight and form factor really compromises it’s agility and handling. Feels more like a bloody monster truck under your feet.

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checkout @4x4boards on instagram. He has your dirt bike board, power and agility, stability

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I have not bought a baja board because I dont think its going to have the agility I want or power.

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very intresting boards