BajaBoard 2019! Just opinions in or perspective

Do you think it’s worth the price or not?

Imo yes it’s worth the price if you build it on your own with same specs and suspension you would likely spend about the same money or more.

This one is built already and has warranty.


Performance on those things is insane, but so is the weight and size so if you plan using them for commuting your better off with something smaller


I guess you spend even more if you build similar in DIY style. But you know how everything works and how you can repair it aaand most important, where to get spare part for it. If you buy it prebuild you just need to figure that out.

I would like to here more opinions about the lates version of the baja as well. I just can say what I read and heard and that was not really good after they changed production to Cina, but as I said I don´t have first hand information about it, so :tipping_hand_man:


I love mine but it really depends on what your going to use it for.

My biggest gripes,

  • won’t fit in my SUV without split seat down
  • weight , you can carry it - it is liftable but even then with care (hurt myself more lifting than riding!)

The question is what are you going to use it for? Being 25kg (55 lbs), these are really only toys since you can’t carry them :rofl:


Depends entirely on terrain and use cases I guess. As with my current board, I would drive it from point A to B (work) to partially or completely replace my car. Haven’t driven it for 3 months now. I don’t have to carry my current board either.

Clearance would be more of a concern than weight in my case. If it’s less than a 5:1 gear drive on 8 inch it’s useless…

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If it’s less than a 5:1 gear drive on 8 inch it’s useless…

Why is that

I think baja have a niche market. They are dare i say it far more toy like than most other boards out there but toy like in the way a full custom Harley is a toy. I’ve ridden these things twice now and while that is no where near enough time to form a respected opinion I can say that each time was in a completely different environment. First time I was on a beautiful sandy beach with 50km of hard packed sand and sunshine. Had two days of playing on the 4wd version and loved it to distraction. So much so that i offered the guy over what he paid for it to beat the queues. No dice lol. When I got home I ordered one. Second time was in Melbourne CBD. Different kettle of fish completely. Struggled with the turning and general manoeuvrability in an urban environment but saying that, cruising, it still was and is the most comfortable board on your legs I have ever ridden. When I got back I cancelled my order. So to sum up. Yes its worth the money for the pleasure it gives in its correct environment. Absolutely. Its just whether most of us can afford a board that shines in only one area. I couldn’t so I didn’t. It will be the Harley you haven’t ridden in a few months or the jetski you don’t ride because you never seem to have the time or the boat that you wish you could spend more time on. The investment for that kind of toy does seem extreme but for the pleasure when you do get the time, well thats the decision that buying one of these beauties comes down to.


I own one and I have to agree it’s a toy, a kick ass extreme toy that brings a smile to my face every time I use it.

BUT I can’t used it as much as I want, can’t go-to shops with it - too much hassel to use for commuting for me (dealing with it inside a building is not fun, let alone if it’s wet lol)


Because I would brick it in no time due to rocks. Already having clearance issues with my trampa, solved with 3d printed skid pads. Baja’s marketing vids are somewhat telling. They avoid serious alpine roads with rocks and or avoid rough patches all together (even mentioned during some of the commentary).

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Has anyone bought Baja recently? Is an installment purchase possible to them?