Bajaboard 46% Hill climb Video!

Pretty insane. They are taking pre-orders at $4100 USD.


I like riding up hill but that video is a bit much… lol

i’m still kinda sad they spend the last few years redoing the same design and didn’t add anything… but I guess if you compare to dirt bike or atv $4g isn’t that bad…

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That’s Pretty insane. I’m gonna have to check how steep my trampas can ride. Jesus.

Bajaboard uses 4 wheel drive, so 46% is very much possible.

Now this board is worth 4k… holy shit. lol If you want ATW and hill climbing, thats just nuts :slight_smile: Power to Bajaboards. slow clap

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I’ll put 50 down that says @barajabali will be able to build a trampa that can do 30 degrees for 1000+ less


yea really the only two legit mountain boards that customers can get complete delivered to their door will be this (but not even sure about that yet), or the trampa build bara does with E-toxx mounts.

I wonder what Bara can do for a similar price point of 4k. This one is 4wd.

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