Bajaboard g4x 20/21

BAJABOARD With all uppgrades. And a ton of parts. As 2 remotes, 2 decks, extra set rims. Everything you ever need. All links, bearings etc new. Total over 6600$ without toll, customs and shipping. Asking 3900$ Board is in Sweden



I search because i will order a Bajaboard from Hometown of BAJA in Australien. Since 2014 i am in Kontakt when baja was on starts…

I live in Austria…and know the times for shipping is very Long

Have you got allways your Gx4 for Sale ?

Your price for me OK ! Shipping (cost + from my site) (as a spezial gift from sweden) Cost ?

Greatings from Austria Martin

I still have the board for sale. I dont know shipping cost, but can check it during the day. I can ship It as a gift. Sincerely Daniel

Hello again! I need your adress where you want the board to be sent. Only so I can check shipping cost. Sincerely

My mistake I thought you lived in Australia… but you live in Austria…. I think its best to send it in two packages maximum weight 20kg. Then a package is about 120dollar and its traceable . But If you are really interested I can see If I find cheaper.

:slight_smile: OK Australien is no Problem about Bajaboard …shipping -no no i am near from Graz Part Land is -Steiermark from Austria (09.2019 before i life 10years in Switzerland )

think 1999-2000 was it i drink a good funny time with a swedish Man cold Legion (From the Band - Marduk /( Mystic Circle -Germany ) After the Konzert in Graz …

Yes its Better with two packets 120 Dollar pro Pack is 240 dollar for All Things…

OK for me it is OK

Maybe you have a WhatsApp ?

Who you want about to pay it On the Next week - With iban Name Adresse ?

Best regards Martin 00436766602015


Is it still for sale ?

Regards Stephan from denmark

Board is still for sale