Bajaboards G4 taking pre orders Looks awesome! $4100 US with a $1000 deposit though. Claimed 25 to 30 km range with 4wd.

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this is gonna be heavy! Like 30kg or something? :monkey: But looks cool with these suspension

I’m glad that they found the funds to keep going, I believe that their kickstarter effort didn’t succeed. 4WD with suspension is a cool concept!

will anyone buy this?

Baja boards is the reason I fell in love with E- mountain boards. But a full suspension board does not make for a fun thrilling ride off road.

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@barajabali you know, you’re right I think! I love mountain biking and I’ve always preferred hardtail frames versus full suspension bikes. Part of the fun of being off-road is experiencing the terrain and responding to it, which isn’t possible if it’s fully dampened by suspension.

In more difficult terrain, though, it can make riding possible where it otherwise wouldn’t be.


I hope one day i have the chance to ride a Bajaboard. Actually i dont know nobody who have one. Never seen one in reality. I think that they developed a great unique board with this suspension and diff stuff. But i cant imagine that it will reliable by hard offroad use like jumps, the wishbones for example looking not that heavy duty like IMO.

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I’d love one but the price ! Makes the trampa offering look more afordable.

That thing looks insane! But, how are you gonna stay on the deck going up 45%+ grades without foot straps or bindings? Would you even want to be strapped onto that monster though?

Looks cool, but I think I’d rather have a 4wd Trampa with sealed gearboxes by @nowind or @elkick for that price.

I’ll take that snazzy looking controller though.

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They had straps on kickstarted…but it seemed alot cooler a few years ago… now its kinda boring… i’d go with push rod suspension to reduce weight. 4 mtb shocks is overkill…

Read the price on this thread and thought “what?!” Went to the website and read about the board and thought “ohhh… i see” That thing looks nuts! Though I will likely not be that rich in the coming years it would be fun to get to ride one around for a half hour some day!

Would like to know too what this Boards weight in the 4WD config. Also more specs about ESC Output, Voltage/Amps would be nice.

The Remote has very nice features IMO, they should sell seperate (-;

Video is well made, headlights looks killer :

You can see that they uses a Beltdrive for power transmission… Did i mentioned that i would love to get a ride with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s released!

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I think Bajaboards have missed their window of opportunity.

I was drooling over Baja boards a few years ago, and the price kept me away. Now the market has changed and the are more options that are both more affordable and also more interesting; Ollin, Raptor 2, Trampa, Rocket and Okp’s boards to name a few.

Baja had a market opportunity a few years ago but now it’s filled with competitors, and they’re not looking so attractive.

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Looks cool, but pricey. I see they “forgot” to post the board weight in the specs though. I’m curious.

I would love get one under my feet !!!

I saw one on cl for like 2500. brand new… but a 50+ lb board is just crazy…more like a ultra light motor cycle replacement…

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I had the opportunity to ride one a few weeks ago when I met their team. Massive board with a lot of power. Definitely fun for off-road use. It does weigh 25kg though, it’s an absolute beast!

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Nice. The wheight is one of my biggest concerns of the Baja. Got a Trampa 4WD, wheights 17KG, tons of torque and traction… but i dont get on with it really much because of the heavy frontend…

Anyways its a pitty nobody i know got some, would love to see the suspension in action :heart_eyes: Rock Shox rockz