Balance Charging - I NEED HELP

I need help on balance charging my two 3s Zippy 5000mah 20c. I bought the imax B6AC V2 to charge them and bought a JST-XH 6s to 2 3s balance lead. I believe I have all the bits in order for me to balance charge the two but I have no idea how to do it. I’ve read the manual and that seemed like Latin to me. so any help on the steps I need to take would be appreciated.

Each battery has female banana connector on the + and a male banana connector on the - this is the balance lead I’m using And this is the charger I understand that the balance lead needs to be plugged in to the 6s slot and this is where I got lost. Do I connect a + of one battery and a - of the other to each other and with the other two ends plug them into the balance charger or not. I also have no idea on the settings for the balance charger Any help would be appreciated.

Try something similar:

and be careful !! be sure to connect the right order! The one which will have the (+) connected to the other’s (-) will be connected to the balance lead which has the red in the middle in the 6S connector!!

Check out this thread, explains everything you asked.

Okay thanks, one more question, when I select balance charge on the charger I guess I choose 6s, and what ampage do I select?

In this case, tha maximum your charger gives. Normally you charge on 1C, in this case 5A.