Balancing battery before cabling BMS

Hi everyone,

I’m building my own skateboard and I’m sceptical concerning the instructions for my deligreen BMS. it stipulates that battery should have a volt difference no more than 0.05v, inner resistance no more than 5 MegOhm and capacity difference lower than 30 mAh. So I have two questions.

Is it common to have that kind of recommendations or my BMS is very pedantic ?

Any idea how I can balanced my batteries ,I’m building a 12s5p. That’s 60 rods in total it looks quite tedious to do it manually.



If you got your batteries from a reputable store you do not need to worry about this because they come “balanced” from the factory, if you are really skeptical measure the voltages with a multimeter to check if you got any DOA cells

thanks for your answer. I plan to buy from if they come balanced ok yes that would be super alright. but I don’t fully like the hoping for the best method ^^ I like to have some back up plan in case things are not as I though they would be.