Ballerina Badass Board - DIY Build First timer

Hey community,

My name is Ryan and I am a first time builder of an E Board. I am open to any suggestions or help and have a tough skin so feel free to be critical. The reason for the title of the build is that the first creation will be for my wife ( who is a dancer so at some point there will be a ballerina motif on the deck, helps to get the ok to fund projects… lol) I’ll use this board to learn the arts of the assembly and hopefully then move onto a second build for my own board.

So the setup so far is thus:

  • Deck is a BSA Blank Lunar Top mount ( 9" x 36") natural wood - But I will cover the top with Black grip tape.
  • motor is a 6355 Rspec Enertion 190Kv Motor
  • Running gear from Enertion - although Im still waiting on a motor pulley and a rear truck as the order was sent as a partial shipment, with little to no support from the team at Enertion after a week of chasing… I’m sure they’re just getting slammed and I’ll hear something soon.
  • VESC from Enertion
  • Battery is a 10S3P enclosed in the Enertion space cell ABS hard case.

Still deciding on one of two remotes, I have a nano remote from DIY electric skateboards, and a GT2B from hobby king, any advice on these would be appreciated.

I’ll post the photos below.

And I know the motor is set up cockeyed on the trucks but I’ve just placed it on to start the VESC config…


Welcome to the community who has electric boards on their minds. I myself also am in middle of my first board. Maybe some experienced guys here can give you some advices.

Thanks Kyo!

So did a small amount of work today, clipped the extra solder off from my VESC and added in hot glue to avoid any shorting

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Also drilled out my holes for the Enertion battery pack and glued in the plugs


How is that deck? I wanted one of their blank decks but the shape I wanted wasn’t stiff enough, does that bend a lot when you stand and bounce a little?

Ill have to get back to you on the bend -ishness of the board, waiting on the rear trucks so haven’t assembled it completely yet, I may have to steal trucks and wheels from my Sector 9 to test it…

Also spent some time last night on config for VESC and remote

lots of guys building eSk8 boards for the wifes, well done guys… justifies the spending I guess…


Haha True that @tweakdout This one will help iron out the wrinkles. Although I have already started ordering the parts for my next build, found a sweet site that does custom grip tape. Mock up is the below…

Nice, I need to involve my wife, though…mmmmm

So I placed my other trucks and wheels on the BSA from my Sector 9 to test the flex ( thanks @Tweakdout ) and must say I am a little concerned that there is too much flex with the Enertion space cell. Anyone have any workarounds to create more stiffness?


fiberglass or carbon fibre both sides. or add metal rods on the bottom

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Carbon fibre on the bottom. No reason to put on top, wont help with structure.

EDIT: Just grab some carbon fibre cloth, epoxy resin, hardener, and a brush and your set.


Do you know where to get that stuff relatively cheap in Australia?

Carbon fibre stuff? @Airmacx

Quick google search:

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I would suggest maybe looking at another deck, as well…

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Cheers mate

May be a good suggestion… I’ll have a look locally