Bamboo Carbon Fiber Deck Idea

Hey guys, so I was thinking about a way to get a nice flexy bamboo deck with a built in enclosure, and I might have figured it out. That being said, I have 0 experience building boards or working with carbon fiber, so this could be an awful idea and I’d have no clue.

So basically, I’d use a roarockit kit and buy their bamboo veneers, and I would vaccum bag some carbon fiber into the shape of the deck, with two enclosures on either side. Then I would cut the bamboo veneers to the shape of the deck, and cut out holes for the enclosures to slot through in half the veneers. After that I would glue it all together with the bamboo with the cutouts on the bottom, the carbon fiber layer in the middle, then the flat bamboo pieces on top. Then I’d use the roarockit to press it all together. After that you could cut out holes in the top of the deck to access the enclosures.

Would the carbon fiber add the rigidity needed? Or would I be cutting out too much bamboo? What do you guys think?

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Ever do anything with this?

That’s a pretty damn good idea. I’ve been trying to integrate an enclosure with a freebord. My composite skills need some work though lol

Never really did anything with it. Again I have no experience working with composites or making decks so I have no idea if it would work, I just figured having the enclosures integrated into the deck would provide enough rigidity for the lost strength from the cutouts while still maintaining the bamboos flex between enclosures in the middle of the deck. But I was just throwing the idea out there.

Glad you guys thought it was a cool idea though :slight_smile: