BAMBOO GT BATTERY UPGRADE IN FRANCE : In desperate need of someone to make one for me

Hello there,

I’m currently located in Paris France

My BGT battery is dying, and while I could make a new pack myself, gathering all the tools and parts would take months, so I decided to pay someone to do it.

Anybody here can make one ? I already asked @darkkevind and there’s a 30 days waiting time which is a bit too much, and @okp seems really busy so I wondered if anyone in the aera could make one for me ?

Here’s what i’d need :

  • 10S4P VTC6 or equivalent in this config
  • No bms, I’ll solder the pack to my current one and put it over the ESC after carving the deck
  • every wire need to stick out enough to reach the new BMS spot which is around <10cm further that it was before, and if possible, the 11pin connector used on Evolve BMS
  • Flexible pack build

Thanks a lot !

Ps: I’m the guy that owns this deck !

Here are some other builders that could help you out:

@pjotr47 @fottaz @DavidBanner

You can also post some more details such as cells you would like to be used, configuration (10s3p/10s4p)…

Nice deck btw!



10 char

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if you’re still in need, feel free to message me and we can discuss your battery problem

Thansk a lot, added details in the original post

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I can make a pack for you. I have time next week. The only thing that i miss now in my stock is the 11pin jst connector. I you have a 11pin connector i can let come put all the balance wires of youre pack

Where are you located ?

Belgium 10char

Apparently the 11 pin connector is proprietary from evolve, I won’t ship anything as it would just make everything slower and I need it asap, I’ll solder everything

You could just take it off the old battery and put it onto the new one

Yeah but I’d either have to solder them to the cells themselves or just cut the wires and solder the new ones which is what i’ll probably do !

Easiest way!

Cut it off and send it to your builder to solder them for you…

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I am in the USA and just finished a 10s4p pack that has been working great for me. PM me if others do not get back to you.

Shipping wouldn’t really be worth before you waste your time

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I will send you a message

Alright thank you everybody, @okp is on it ! He live’s in Paris too and will carve the deck to accommodate for the new battery, thanks a lot for your help