Bamboo Gt build Reccomendation

Hey, I am new to the community, I bought a board in Sydney and moved back to canada. I couldn’t bring the battery and forgot to pick up the BMS. Now that I am back here I wanted to buy a custom battery but none of thoses comes with a bms. I am looking around everywhere and can’t find one. I am at the point where I wonder if it would be easier to custom build this board. I mean getting a custom battery and bms and change the control board completely. Anybody have any idea what I should do at this point ?

Thank you

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If you have a friend in the usa that visits you in canda by car, or you plan on being in the usa i can make one.

I can only legally ship domestic.

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I would maybe consider that actually. What do you mean exacly? Would you be able to build a battery pack with a BMS compatible with evolve controller board ?

If i got some info on it, yes i could.

You think it would it be possible to change controller board completely but still keep same wheels ? I know it is but would it be simpler ?