Bamboo GT electrical system acting crazy

So I don’t know if this is entirely a battery issue or what exactly, maybe someone else has had this issue…?

So I have a Bamboo GT and the newest remote for it. While on “fast” mode the battery dies in literally no time (according to remote). Indicator skateboard icon goes from green fully charged to red no charge left in 500 meters or so, it then switches to “eco” mode where it turns back to green and gains a lot of the green charge back to the skateboard icon on the remote. Even so, it doesn’t take long at all for the battery to die down even in eco mode.

Is this a problem with the battery or the electronics in the board (or the remote)? Is it possible to tell from the info provided? Thanks

Battery. Evolve batteries are shit, check out @longhairedboy and he can get you a custom replacement thats 100x better