Bamboo GT ESC Heatsink plate

Anyone know if anyone is selling them, or anyone that already made a cad model for it?

I would need one so i can use my vescs in it.

I got one for FOCBOX’s, want it?

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Is it the entire heatsink plate thingi you screw in? Just that part im in need to make or buy or something

Ohhh damn boi yas pls

You’ll need to modify the plastic case a little bit though. I can’t show you pics cause my board’s not with me, but it’s not much work. FOCBOX’s are a little too wide for the case.

What file do you want?

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Oh yes, do you have that in stl?

Sure, send me your e-mail through PM and I’ll send it to you.

Also, if you want it for normal VESC’s, you can buy this (not mine).

I was looking at that one but i really only need a cover for the case since the one i have dosnt have the plate for the enclosure

U mean something like this?

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Something like that yeah, trying to print the one BoostedBuilder sent me soon to see how that one fits.