**Banana-mote-miniTX** || 3D Printed Enclosure V0.2 || Thumb Wheel || ws2801 rgb Led Voltage Meter ||

I think we should create a new thread for banana remotes :banana: :banana: :banana:. I don’t know how much materials cost, is $40 a low ball? $50?

If it’s any help, I found this cad file here, not peeled but seems pretty neat. https://grabcad.com/library/banana-2

I seriously need to learn how to sketch these things up, maybe that’s what I’ll do this weekend :nerd:

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the newest gt2b printed enclousure is $25 just for the shell…i’ve seen completed mods for $100…

anyways heres a scaled print of the test. not yellow but the shape is pretty nice…

one of the nicest prints in a while!


Got some translucent yellow filiment, it reminds me of hi viz yellow! Its going to work well with the leds! which are also done.

just waiting on the buck/boost converters…

Left is a more accurate color

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Do you have an IRL banana for scale? :grin:

I just fell over this a few days ago, maybe it is possible to use it. http://lifepo4wered.com/lifepo4wered-usb.html

@TheRedPanda just ate the last one :banana::sob: i’ll get one for scale when i print the other half!

@flatsp0t those look really cool, i’ll keep them in mind. but I went with the mcp1700, it gives 3.3v at 250ma with input 2 - 6v So works perfect for a single li ion which are cheaper, come in more sizes, and have higher capacity.

and i can still drive all the leds on the liion directly, not sure if the rgbs would work on <3.5v…

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The banana was too fat, but I will go back to it soon.

Here is the super mini I’ve been working on. printing now… :sleeping:


this is great work Man !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i’ve have a couple of mini remotes around,I was thinking on a mod for the enclosure but you are already way ahead of what i was thinking.

Are you thinking on sharing the stl files or going to sell the enclosure ?

Thanks! I’ve notice these remotes were getting popular and I’ve been using it since day one with no issues! Just annoyed it doesn’t fit in a pocket well…

i’m still not sure what i’m going to do, need to get this fully assembled and tested then i’ll see what the demand is like…

i’ll probably sell a few to help support this whole esk8 building habbit :money_mouth: this version is also no just a plug and play mod, it requires some addtional parts…since its switching to rechargable!

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Hello Saul, just wondering if there are any updates on this mod.

Thanks, Kevin

Haven’t had time to work on this for a bit, But i will finish it soon. switched to 18650, small battery version wasn’t small enough to be worth it.

If anyone has a 3d printer and would like to beta test an enclosure let me know!


I have a 3D printer! I also have a TB Mini remote that needs to be shrunk. I also have extra 18650 cells. Just don’t have a voltage regulator or lithium charger yet. Just send me the STLs :smiley:

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I still need to make some small changes and do a test print.

if you want to see the older version, its about a 4hr print. I couldn’t fit a decent size battery in this yet, so moved back to 18650…

Not ready for use – for cosmetic purposes only https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4_1KKUphqtDYm4wNzJqWHFFZGM

if you use a lifepo4 18650 you can get away without a regulator.

also I only recommend if you have a spare mini remote. I don’t think its ready for everyday use.

Let me know when the next version is done. I’ll print that.

ok, i’ll probably get back to it in a couple days… unless I get inspired :sleeping:

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So there is an opening on one side of the remote?

Is it possible to make a shell design? All you have to do is create screw holes and then split the part in two.

yes its open side, with a screw on cover.

I started with halfs like gt2b…but i don’t really like the feel. and the seam…

Unibody design, with vertical print feels really nice! strong. lots of details…

it also helps to prototype this way instead of 2 2-3 hour prints you get 1 4 hour and 1 10 minute :wink:

Ahh okay. I didn’t have that part so I was not sure.

I’ll be waiting for that remote design :wink: I want to do some testing this weekend so if you could get it done before then, I might be able to actually test it while riding.

i’ll see what I can do! motor mount have taken most of my attention lately…

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Yeah you’ve been busy I can tell! I almost forgot you designed those motor mounts as well. You must be a MechE?