**Banana-mote-miniTX** || 3D Printed Enclosure V0.2 || Thumb Wheel || ws2801 rgb Led Voltage Meter ||

Yea things have sort of snowballed… actually I studied cs, but physics hasn’t changed :nerd:

All of my designs are written in openscad, geometric/logic based code.

I will like to print one of this :wink: Can you share the beta file when ready ?

I would also like to print :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?

sorry nothing yet. been very busy.

I will have something soon.

Just curious. would you guys prefer rechargable (needs more components) or a small 2AA version?

I wouldn’t mind either. If I knew you were working on a 18650, 18350 or small lipo version I would totally wait for rechargeable. It’s winter here though… So I will happily await the outcome. Thanks for doing this.

Hey @saul anything new with this? Got a printer coming Monday and a virgin mini…:wink:

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I abandoned the mini remote completely… .it works fine but

I should have something with more features and same/smaller size soon.

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