Bang for Buck - Cheap Power Supply Model

If you need a power supply to charge your lipo and or li ion batteries. Use 3D printer power supply!

They come at 12V and or 25V variants with output of 10A to 30A! I just got mine today 12V 30A output for 30 euro equiv about 28 usd lol. Dirt cheap compared to Hobbyking charger that does the same but cost you about 90 usd ++ for the same wattage.

This is a link, but you can just google it! In overal they look the same and it could be cheaper in your country!

Additional benefit is that with this output you can also do VESC programming if you are not comfortable with lipo and or li ion connecting directly to your computer :slight_smile:


Anybody have any opinions on these power supplies? There are all different sizes from this seller, but they look like a lot of bang for the buck.

I would love to try this power supply but the seller isn’t shipping to germany -.-"

Maybe anybody wants to help me? I just need somebody in USA who can send it to germany.

There are plenty that is being sold here around in EU. I got mine from

Damn me. You are right, 3d Printer power supplies are a good choice. Thanks.

Yes if you do balance charging with the balance charger, then 3d printer PSU is literally the best cheap PSU you can get. It also have 3 channels output so you can power up 3 balance charger at the same time :smiley:

I would like to know how long it takes to charge the 8000mah batteries using this power supply and the Accucel? thanks

Not sure if you guys are aware of this, but this post at RC Groups shows how to convert a server power supply. Since these power supplies are for older servers they are pretty cheap.

If you do the math. The Accuceil could only charge at 3.5A on 6s configuration. Therefore if you have 8000mAH it would require about 2hours ± 20 minutes to get full charge. I have big PSU that can supply 30A, but since Accuceil could only output 3.A, it would be 3.5A tops.

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Any reason you couldn’t also just use an old PC power supply? They multiple 12Volt rails you can tap into

I have a 3d printer power supply - they’re nice.

I think a server power supply is superior. Better components, more consistent w/o any fluctuations, and much more robust (long life) even used vs new 3d printer PSU.

I have a pair of 12v 60’ish Amp in 24v 1500 watts for charging. stupid capacity…

The one you linked @Mobutsan is a server PSU just skinned w/ vinyl CF.


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