Banggood 3S BMS for 2$?

Hi, I’ve purchased 8 of those BMS from banggood arround 8 mothes ago:

And I’ve installed them on my 6S4P 18650 battery pack. I didn’t checked the 18650 cells before building the pack because even if they were from aliexpress, they were in theory brand new LG HE4. After the first ride, I’ve noticed the performance was much worst than expected (like having 4/5S, 3/4Ah, 15/20C, pretty crap, and the output power was coming straight out of the batterys). When I’ve tested the batterys after 3 or 4 cycles, most of them were unbalanced.

Now I’m planning to go back for a Hobbyking Li-Po build and I’m planning to re-use those BMS, so my question is: Has anyone got a bad experience with the those BMS? Or do you think I was just unlucky and I’ve been scammed with the 18650 cells? (24 of them costed me 85€ free shipping)

[caution: im not an expert, this is just my little experience] Yes I have recently ordered some bms’s from banggood (6s and 3s) the first one caused the magic smoke when I soldered the last 18650 And the second (I bought 2 of those) outputted a 2s voltage and after a day my cells died, so don’t buy the second one I myself will buy 2 3s lipo’s with a 6s bms from banggood for 12 euros, it is one of the more expensive bms’s but I hope that will increase the quality Furthermore I can’t realy say what caused it (batteries or bms) and can’t recommend you anything, soryy

By the way did your 6s4p 18650 pack work good on your eskate?

Thanks for the info. In my case, a 6s4p 18650 pack didn’t work really well. I have 2 theorys, the first one is that the wires were not enough AWG and the second one is what I told you before about the cells quality. But I think its more likely the second one cause I used to run my esk8 with same wires but on hobbyking lipos and it used to work perfectly until after shorting those a few times accidently, some of the cells got damaged