Banggood question that even they couldn't answer

So I’m looking to purchase my 6374 motor from Banggood, as they have the Flipsky 190kv unit for $80 after coupon. The thing is I have two options for express shipping:

  1. Expedited Shipping Service Free 5-8 Business Days
  2. USA Express .66 cents 5-9 Business Days

These are essentially the same cost, but they couldn’t tell me who the shipping provider is or what the difference was. Does anyone happen to know here? I did come google and found reference to the Expedited Shipping using DHL/USPS but couldn’t find anything about the USA Express.

I think both come China post and then are handed offf to USPS. It’ll take 3-5 days from when they give it to the forwarder before it gets to customs. That’s when the timeline starts.

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So likely one is not faster than the other, just wanted to make sure I picked my best option.

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When i ordered something like it the “Expedited Shipping Service” was DHL

And the other one was my local countries post, or China EMS Express (Its slower then written)

This thread can be deleted, @dickyho made a good point if I’m getting my mounts from him why not get the motor as well.

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