BangGood Remote question

strange question, but I just purchased this remote: The title and the description suggest that the package comes with the controller and the receiver, but below the price there are two different “type” categories that show a picture of either the remote or the receiver, but not together. The two options also show different prices. Does anyone know if ill be getting both the remote and receiver or just one of the two?

you would need to buy the receiver and the remote. The product page says they are sold separately (which is kinda strange)

lol I see that now, definitely strange but thanks for the help

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This is more the norm with expensive transmitters and receivers like spektrum or frsky stuff for quadcopters. Actually sort of nice if you want to use the same transmitter with multiple boards/receivers if the transmitter supports binding to multiple receivers (could invent electric skiing :wink: )

i have this receiver and it works great. you do have to order one of each.