Base plate and axle offset database? Need to prevent wheel bite

I have a 2010 Landyachtz Drop Speed that I was planning on using for an eSk8 build. It came with Bear Grizzly 1052s (184mm) and 75mm wheels. I have another board with Paris v2 180mm trucks which I like and since it’s a favoured truck among longboarders, I decided to buy another set for the Drop Speed. This was before I learned that Caliber II’s where the most popular eSk8 truck :disappointed: With the same set of wheels mounted to the deck on the Paris’ I have instant wheel bite issues while the Bears give a healthy 1/4" gap (at least). The difference in the axle offset from the centre of the base plate is fairly noticeable. The Bears are pretty much centred, while the Paris’ are closer to the centre of the board.

Is there a truck database or illustration somewhere showing axle offsets? Will I have the same wheel bite issues with Caliber IIs?


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Caliber is also centered, have u fliped the hanger to see if works?

I’m confident it will work if flipped, but haven’t tested. Not really sure how that would affect the ride.

It’s like having 2 diff angle, that would turn less but more stable.

Oh, sorry. I read flip the truck, when you said flip the hanger :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ll definitely have to give that a try. Thanks!

I may still end up with Calibers; especially given the plethora of motor mounts out there.

NP man. u can also use tall barrel bushing on truck side and short on road side

yeah I’m not sure how Paris truck mount is holding over long period. some even epoxied or welded them on truck to make sure it’s not coming off.

I have to ask after reading the third thread on caliber trucks tonight…Do you guys really think Caliber trucks are the best option?!? Caliber one’s may have been, but good luck finding any. And caliber 2’s are a joke. They suck. Think about it. Out of all the mounts available for caliber trucks, How many are without issues? And if you manage to find a clamp that does fit tight, how is the mount functionally? The truck is still only a 184 so it is too narrow for a dual mount with anything other than 55mm motors. Chances are there really aren’t that many good choices.

I’m not here trying to peddle my mounts. Just trying to separate the sheep a little bit. Do some friggen research!!!

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This is kind of what I was looking for:

I’ve give it a shot tomorrow (board is at work), but I think flipping the hanger will actually make matters worse. Playing around with bushing height and orientations will likely be required.

I was planning to run a single 6364 on the following mount:

I hear ya, ur truck is sick and not that expensive considering it has mount included. But I got mine 21usd for 1 set and only use single so no complain on that.

Caliber IIs are not that great, they are just cheap and because of the availability of many motor mounts to fit that platform…they are popular.

I’ve wondered why there aren’t many paris v2 mounts available, they are a great middle of the road truck, quality wise.

Just saying because the latest trend in caliber clamps (like the one 2 posts up) relying on 4 set screws to hold a solid loop with a sloppy fit on a hanger that isn’t consistently the same size?


If you’re referring to the mount I posted, there are only two set screws. I agree, four wouldn’t be wise.

Only because they are round. And you know my mounts fit paris really well with a little elbow grease.

2 isnt going to work for very long either.

mine is clamped not screwed. @thisguyhere might still selling tho it doesn’t work with dropthru.

Don’t want to get all defensive on my mount design, but you would be amazed how well some set screws can hold up. Having 4 is in a way worse than having two. I put two for a reason, and they’re oriented on flat sides of the cross section for a reason. The set screws themselves are not good for the grip, they’re only there to provide clamping force on the adjacent sides of the clamp piece w/ the outside of the truck. If there were 4, then only the set screws themselves would be making contact which doesn’t make any sense design wise.

Loctite and a quality 3mm hex will help too. But really during prototyping I whacked the clamp piece with a hammer and I could not budge it. The only damage was, being aluminum, it dented it a whole lot. A lot of it is user error I believe, I will see how mine play out real soon

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Not trying to knock you down at all brotha! But don’t you think I may have seen or used a few set scews in my time? A couple at least? That mount is going to be moving all over the place in very little time as soon as some 6365’s or 74s get mounted on them.


Yeah they do, I’ve over 100 miles on RIPBA mounts and Paris 195s, best motor mounts I’ve got.

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I will see. If I really get that many complains about it not staying put I will upgrade them to size m8 instead of m6. If an m8 screw can’t provide enough force to keep it on the truck…well then something is seriously wrong considering that’s what’s keeping your wheels on.

Really though, the part is mechanically stressed of course, but not to the point where I think that its a design flaw. I think all the crazy vibration, heating and cooling, dust and water, etc. is what overtime loosens the grip, not just sheer force whacking it off. It is more of a longevity thing.

Thanks for the consideration though, I like constructive stuff.