Batteries 2x 5S or 10S2P

Hi! Im trying to figure out whether i should choose: 2x 5000mAh 5S1P 40C and a balance charger ( total 104 € (excl. balance charger)


1x 6000 mAh 10s2P ( 250 €

My problem is that i have no clue, what i should look for, in a balance charger. The price of the 2x 5s LiPo is intriguing, (but i need to know what pricerange a balance charger is) But im also intrigued by the simplicity of the 10S2P with built in BMS and whatever.

Is there a kind soul on this forum “and there usually is”, that can help me pick out a balance charger, so i am able to make my dilemma, maybe a tad bit, easier. (or maybe has another battery solution).

(My esc is a FSESC 4.12, and a 6374 190 kV motor) Thanks in advance

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You could always pick up a used iCharger for around $50. Recommend browsing the classified sections of a couple Rc forums. There are always deals to be had. Check out Helifreak, RCGroups and maybe RunRyder.

Whichever route you go, I recommend going the balance charging route. Just get a jst-xh splitter adapter if you go the 10s route.

And if you go that 2x Zippy compact route, be sure to use lots of padding around those flight packs.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I think I will go the balance charger way, are there any specific batteries I should look for? Regarding the balance charger. I need to make sure that it fits with my decided cell number (5S) and the charge current of equivalent to 1C. Is that correct?

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Most lipo batteries can be safely charged at 1C. And even though they might be rated for 2C charging or even higher, I wouldnt recommend exceeding that 1C mark.

Since this is for a vehicle and not a gigantic Rc aircraft or heli, I wouldnt worry too much about the discharge rating. Most of those are wildly exaggerated anyways. Theres simply no way that a 6S 5,000mah pack could sustain 75C discharge. That would be a 375 amp draw, lol.

As for brands, any of the usual suspects would do. Theres HRB, Pulse, Glacier, Gens Ace and even Turnigy Graphene. Just do some research before buying any brand and keep in mind that no matter what it says on the label, many of these brands come from the same factories and sometimes they have problems.

Since you’ve chosen the lipo route I would recommend getting a lipo safe charging bag or a box designed for lipo storage and charging. Some folks even use things like ammo cans or old bbq grills to store their lipos.

Also if you ever do decide to go the 10s or 12s route, there are chargers hitting the market that can handle those higher cell counts. I dont have any experience with them, but iChargers have a decent reputation.

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Thanks for the help!