Batteries and charging

I plan on getting 2x 6s 5000mah batteries. I’ve been doing some research but am a little confused. What do I need to charge it. I don’t have any type of RC charger so I assume I need to buy something. I plan on putting the batteries in Series. Also, do I need to buy anything extra to connect the batteries to each other?

Im pretty new to wiring.

Would something like this help out enough with balancing? Or do I need a full on BMS?

Also, diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/ what two parts would this go between? The battery and the VESC?

Well if you don’t have a charger and need to buy one I would just skip the whole lipo stage and buy your self a liion pack with laptop style charging.

That pack would be a 12s2p my packs come with a charger, LCD display, soft switch.

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Also to charge your batteries you’d need a 6s charger which I would reccomend something that can charge both packs at the same time. They can cost 80-150 dollars ish.

I don’t have $370 sadly.

If i had the balance charger (Linked Above). Do I need a charger that can charge them both?

Can you link me some chargers you would recommend?

No if you buy that then you just need a single charger.

People tell me that the IMAX charger works wel.

So to charge it I would unplug it from the VESC and plug it into the balance charger?

Yes the main terminals and the balance leads.

How much are you going to spend on 2 batteries, charger and the balance board? And an on off switch.

Btw I sell the same exact on off switch in the electric skateboard market for 12 dollars less

2 batteries about 90 Balance board 11

Could you link your on/off switch

Buy a battery with a BMS, trust me, taking your batteries out of the enclosure to charge, and also charging one battery at a time is VERY annoying. You will end up getting tired and going for the single port bms charging very soon and would have wasted 150$ on crap

The way I have it setup is that the enclosure will be small just fitting the batteries, I think they are connected with a Y-Cable, which is attached with a strip of velcro, that will connect to the power button, which will be attached to a 10AWG cable which extends to the other side of the board for the VESC and Motor.

I think that works, kind of unsure on how the 10 AWG cable works though…

You still need to connect the 7pin JST to the balance charger also.

Correct, that will extend out of the enclosure as well


Would that work?

A visual representation.

Was actually looking @

Looks like a really good option

I dont know what cells they’re using, but for that price its really good deal.

Yeah, and add 50 for a power switch and lcd