Batteries and Motors help needed

I’m looking at these dual hub motors that are 550w each and take an input voltage of 24v to 42v.

The problem I’m facing is finding an inexpensive battery pack to use, I found a pack that I think is suitable, 10S4P 10Ah 42V 18650 lithium battery pack. However, the output continuous amps are 15A. I am wondering if this battery pack is suitable or if I should keep looking if so could you offer source or a battery pack that would work?


550 watt each seem like pretty weak hubs to me. It’s probably going to disappoint you. Most motors (regular motors, not hubs) are usually in the 2500 Watt+ range.

And no don’t get that battery, 15 amps is also underperforming. You could try lipos

Its just a starter board so I dont mind also i had my eyes on some 600w hub motors. I am using Ebay to find most of the components

Where should I source the LiPos? I live in Hong Kong so international shipping would be ideal

Meepo NlS hubs are great, they come out around 160usd and worth the money, as for the battery, your best bet would be to find a battery builder right here on the forum to hook you up

Alright thanks Ill look for them,

As for the batteries I found 2 Lipo 5000mAh 45C 22.2V packs which I could connect in series, I think these are more suitable than the previous battery pack

To be fair, I cruise at 20mph with 880w. Do you guys ever hit the top wattage?

Nah but it’s good to have extra room