Batteries for making 36v

image These any good ?

Maybe to just link the article than everybody can look it up and maybe somebody will understand which cells used and if it makes any sense to use this packs

That is too cheap to be made out of any good cells for our purposes IMO


12v -> 3s battery 20 000 mah (high quality cells have around 3000mah) 20000/3000=6,6-> 7 cells

So that pack can be a 3s7p. That means 21cells. 25euro/21=1,19euro each cell.

I think it is unpossible to create a good pack like that with real specifications.

Lifepo cells.

I wouldn’t trust them. For battery packs, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is especially true. Don’t skimp on things that could potentially set your board on fire.

What’s the C? That could be under 1C