Batteries for sale

Custom built 12 s batteries for sale


Man… some details would serve nicely…

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Wat would u like to kno I use panisonic cells each cell rated at 3000 mah I sourced the cells from battery hookup I can build u watever size battery u need I have a flat pack 12 s 10 p ready to go for like 300 350 I run a 10000 watt system and get like 30 miles on a charge

Willing to trade for. A dual vesc

We’re u interested in anything I have some other ek8 stuff as well to get rid of

I might be interested in the 12s10p flat pack. Does it have an internal BMS, i.e. can it be charged by a “dumb” source without needing an external BMS?

I ripped all the packs I had apart no one wanted any of them and I’m selling the cells sorry