Batteries - how much of a difference do they make?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the progress of spending yet more money on the board. I’ve just upgraded my trucks, wheels, pulleys etc and I think a new battery is in order. Or atleast in the next few months.

I have 125mm Trampa Gummie wheels, 44t wheel pulley and 15t motor pulley. I’m currently using 3 lipo batteries (1s3p) and would like to get more speed and better range.

I’m curious - what’s the real world difference between a 10s4p, 12s4p and their 5p versions aswell? Does anyone have a calculator that would bring back some figures?

Also, would changing the motor pulley to 20t be too much and cause issues with going up hills etc? I’m abit of a speed demon but at the same time I want things to be functional.

Cheers, Daniel

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Lots of differences in terms of Torque/Speed/Range.

Best to check yourself using a calc. I use the 3dservicas one:

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The website is such a pain in the neck. I can never connect to it.

Comes up with this error:

Can’t connect securely to this page

This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner.

Try using NOT edge Or Internet explorer


I’m on a works computer that only has Edge. Even still, as a previous web developer, the issue should be resolved :man_shrugging:

Just use the OG esk8 calculator and you can see the difference in pulley ratios and pack voltage on speed, motor rpm etc.

If you feel you need more information, definitely check out the vedder’s calc

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i started with a 10s battery but now that ive ridden a 12s nothing less will do… an extra cell in parallel is only crossing my mind for my board with AT tires… but on PU 4p is plenty for riding fast and hard and still having decent range