Batteries - meepo batteries for diy?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone used Meepo board batteries for a DIY build?

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Hi, well its just batteries with sertain specs. I dont think its common to use this in DIY, because of only 30a discharge rate. And guys on this forum do not respect anthing below 60a)) but if it fits your needs and budget… What are other parts of your diy? What esc, motor/motors are you planning to use? What gear ratio and wheels(or calculated top speed)?

The price on these is good, they are made with 40T Samsung cells. Can do 60a output no problems.

I like meepo stuff for hub motor boards. I’ve got two builds, one is finished and uses all meepo electronics and drivetrain. It uses a modified Classic 2 battery which is only 24A, but hauls me up to 45km/h and rides for 40-45km before needing a charge and I notice very little battery sag.

The other board on the bench is waiting a 720wh battery from Verreal and will be using Meepo 100mm hubs and Meepo NLS esc.

I weigh 165lbs and ride on paved bike trails with very little grade change. I’ve had no issues buying from Meepo. It takes longer to arrive, but with free shipping I just plan ahead and order a month in advance of the riding season. So far they’ve stood behind their product as along as it was within the warranty period. Which is reasonable. I had the bearing get a little crunchy on one of my hubs, so I sent them a video and they sent me a new hub motor, no questions asked.

They’re coming out with a new belt board, which in itself doesn’t interest me as I prefer hubs, but the parts they will be selling for it, including the battery, do interest me.