Batteries/motor watts! #help please!

I just orders my FIRST build. I’ll be rockin dual fsesc 6.6 and 6384 flipsky 190kv 4000w motors. My question is this, I have ordered TWO 18650 36v 10s4p battery packs with bms charging, should I make it where I can “hot swap” the battery when it runs out or maybe wire both packs in parallel for more overall usage times OR could I wire them together in series for a monstrous trail beast? I’m not sure being this is my FIRST build and id like to get it right, how does one fully utilize the overall 8000 watts that my motors have? Any help would be great! I can upload and list all parts used if needed!!!

You won’t be able to connect them in series because the motors and ESC can’t take the voltage. you can connect them in parallel but you will need a big enough enclosure.

Are there any dangers to be aware of with putting such big batteries in parallel on my build? I have chosen a large enough enclosure. What im looking to get out of my build is trail abilities, hence the large motors and distance, hence the want for a large battery. I’ll have around 1600$ invested in total so its slightly stressful at this point. Waiting on my packages for now though so I’m getting in all the extra research I can!