Batteries on plane over seas

Hey guys, does any of you has travelled with battery pack on plane? I read on some rc forum that people had no problems.

But the replies are wayy to old to be trusted

If anyone if you have can you please share your experiences?

Ps. I need some lipos thinking to ask my friend visiting India to get them for me soo would really help to know should i do it or not.

I found this article, not too old

Maybe this can help

This just solved my problems , thanks soo much

Just don’t do it in Australia. It won’t work no matter how small or big your battery is. Better off mailing it or losing it to TSA. You may enter but you can never leave …like hotel California

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Noooooo, so I’m not going to be able to leave with my board?

Mail it or they will keep it. Just call TSA and see if they can inspect another way not in the main line