Battery 16000mah

Hi! is this battery ok for esk8?

Yes if you split it.

So the esk8 will have then about an hour riding time?

it is possible, but you would need at least a 1 inch riser to make it work. If you are comfortable splitting it like @barajabali said, then that is an option as well. I would recommend just buying 4 of these and put them into 2 packs of series and then those packs in parallel:

You could maybe make these work in parallel also with a good riser:

same stats overall, just depends on how close you want everything to the ground also, you should base your needs on distance, not time. ride time depends on your speed and a bunch of other factors. range for 16ah should be about 10-12 miles easy

it cost only 109eur for 6s 16000 mah, those 3s1p 8000 mah costs 40eur each, so x4=160 eur! Yeah i’m planning to split it. But what about that 10c is it o.k. or i should get some battery with 20c-30c?

10C is a bit low, I use 20C but my batteries also have lower capacity (5000mah). The highest I would recommend is 35C. 30C is pretty easy to find

10c is fine with 16ah that is 160amps continuous. It may be a bit exaggerated but it should still be fine.

o.k then i’ll go for those

Honestly if you are willing to spend over 100eur for batteries I would go and get a lithium ion battery. They generally come with an integrated BMS, they last longer, and they are slimmer. This one from miamiboards is 12s2p

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And what about those graphene lipos, are they better because of longer life cycle?

I mean graphene lipos vs standard lipos

I’m not sure how graphine lipos work, maybe its a matter of stability? Idk. Either way its still a lipo

I was able to go apx 12 miles with my 6s 10000mah battery

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