Battery and bms setup

Hi. Im building my first electric longboard, and have some questions regarding the setup. I will be using this battery: Here are my questions:

  1. What BMS would you guys recommend for my battery?

  2. Can I disable the BMS for discharge to remove a possible bottleneck ? (a wiring schematic would really help)

    3 Is there any way to connect the BMS to an Arduino to get charge data?

Thanks for the help guys!

Just ask Alan ( @Eboosted ) to supply the battery complete with bms charge port and indicator etc. wired for charge only. Make life so much easier for you.

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If not you can buy one from @JLabs. He has some charge only from bestech

You can purchase a Bluetooth BMS it has some neat features, trying to set mine up now

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Yeah I did, he said he did not have time atm

I can make the battery with balance leads and BMS wired, you will only need to wire the charging port yourself.



The only problem is that I already have an Arduino running on Bluetooth. I am also planning to buy the FOCBOX Unity which has Bluetooth too, don’t want more than 2 radios…

That’s awesome! Then I just need a schematic for how I wire up the charge port. Do you sell chargers aswell?

So you want a physical screen reading off the inputs? Also the focbox would replace the Arduino Bluetooth wouldn’t it.

I want to be able to check the voltage of my cells, and also get a signal when charging is complete. I heard that Enertion was planning on an app for the Unity, maybe that could give me this information, if not I want it sent to my arduino which I use for my remote.

Yes. I supply everything you will need, charging port, wires for charging ports, even the heat shirk, antispark switch, bms, on/off switch, XT60s and if course battery and enclosure with bolt kit.

Even the charger itself? If so, what amps is it rated at?

Charger too, I don’t have it on my website though, I could offer a 2A, 3A or 4A, I suggest the 2A as they batteries will have a longer lifespan and it’s better if they ever go out of balance

Thank you so much for your help! Got my enclosures today, love them!

  1. Bestech has a good reputation around here

  2. Here you go:

Thank you! So now the batteries will charge trough the BMS, but discharge without it?

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Correct, just follow the positive and negative line and you will realize it.