Battery and esc advice for 6364 sk3 245kv

I have a ks3 6364 mm 245kv motor what ESC and battery should i get? I was thinking that the enertion space cell pro enclosure was the right one and an 70 A ESC would be good to… Having a ks3 6364 mm 245 kv motor what should i get?

ok first read through some other posts because this has already been explained quite a bit. In answer to ur question however get a 120a esc (the fvt or x car series is nice) or a 150amp esc. I would also reccomend it to be a car esc if u want brakes.

I might suggest simplifying your title… hehehe.

back on topic - what’s your budget? What batteries or what # series are you planning to run (6s/8s/10s/12s)? Realize that higher series (more voltage) is great until you need a specialty charger and higher cost ESC, and re-gearing, and… Just more complicated in general. I’ve been perfectly happy with some 6/8s setups and plan on 10/12s with next build since i’ve slowly acquired chargers and gears to make it work.

I still think the VESC is the best ESC so far for e-skateboards. You need to do some reading and make sure you can follow directions and steps to configure - it’s not plug and play. But not that daunting after a bit of reading and self education.

Space cell - it’s a great “plug and play” setup - but a bit pricey compared to some of the lipos available. Likely not as simple, but if on a budget i would stick with a few lipos instead.


i agree with you on everything except the esc and lipos. The vesc is not a simple esc to configure and if he was having trouble deciding on weather to get a 70a esc then he should probably stick to a programmable car esc. I wouldn’t recommend lipos anymore to noob unless they have worked with them previously. The dangers out weigh the cost. I would say tell them to save up and get a pre maid power pack. This way we dont have the same issues we did with the hoverboards and dont get this whole business shut down.

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[ Soapbox rant ]

OMG - not the hoverboard BS again…

There is a huge difference between lipos you charge independently (or via a para board), and a cheap ass chinese BMS that overcharges/damages/blows-up cheap lipos buried in a hoverboard.

Common sense here is you don’t charge damaged cells - swollen/puffed or compromised. You place them in a safe area to charge in a pyrex dish, or charge bag, and keep an eye on them while charging. If hot - stop.

And if you can’t follow step by step instructions (literally copy/paste) to configure VESC - you should be an e-go and be done with it.

[ / Soapbox rant]

Agree on the FVT 150A ESC. Good for <6s and price is right if you hunt a bit. DIYes/Torqueboards has some nice ESC’s as well to consider for about the same $.

DO NOT GET ANYTHING EXCEPT A CAR ESC. Plane/Heli/Boat - DON’T BUY! Saving some money on an ESC is great until you can’t stop your board going 20mph… My skin and unbroken bones are worth a bit of extra $.

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The space cell is what voltage? I was thinking on buying a 70 A ESC and i want a 10 s battery, are these the correct ones to get?

The VESC is expensive and hard to configure

u basically have two threads discussing the same thing

@joaoalmeida @willpark16 is right, please consider consolidating the three threads that you’ve posted today into a single thread that everyone can follow and help you with. It makes it easier for us to see what has already been discussed. You can ask multiple questions in a single thread.

Please make one thread with all the info!

So i have a sk3 6364 245 kv motor and i would probably get a 10s battery what cheap and good ESC should i get? Is the battery i want good for it? What battery or ESC combination is the perfect one?

That motor is going to fly on 10S. I had to check and make sure it was even rated for that, but it is. Wow.

you’re going to want either a VESC or a torqueboards 12S ESC for that monster. Let me know if you hit 88 miles per hour and end up in a field where the old mall will be.

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So i would probably get a 8s right? What esc should i use for a 8s?

@joaoalmeida I use this motor and 8s. It’s a great combination, recommended. I use VESC and I’m extremely happy with it.

I’m surprised that you’re looking for a “cheap” ESC but you’re considering going with 10S which is going to be expensive and likely more than you need. If cheap is what you need try a single 6S Lipo and one of the community-approved car ESCs… but the ESC won’t save you much since VESC is ~100usd.

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Thank you very much. I’ll might go for a 8s battery and the VESC then, do you know any cheap 8s battery, were did you get your battery? (link pls)

You missed a sale where you could buy 2 4S batteries for $40 with $7 shipping, but now I would say buy 3 3S lipos Any hobbyking turnigy or zippy

@joaoalmeida I use two Zippy compact 4S 25C 5000mah packs wired in series (that means that discharge of both packs is combined to increase power output). It’s written about in my build thread that I linked above.

and… please consider consolidating your questions to a single thread :slight_smile:

9S! Hmmmm… That would be kind of exotic… a 9S5P in 18650s … I’m feeling things.

So i have sk3 6364mm 245kv motor and i was wondering what ESC should i get with the 8s battery but i dont know wich battery to get but i would want the cheapest one and good, do you know one good cheap 8s battery? And maybe what should i get a vesc or a esc? i think the vesc is to expensive