Battery and Esc compatible with Backfire X2 Wheels and Motor Set

I can’t find this info anywhere and need some help on my diy. I have backfire ranger x2 rear wheel hub motor set, front and rear trucks, X2 front wheels, and a longboard. Just need Help with a battery and esc and remote. I don’t need to do 110mph. I just want something reliable that I can cruise around on that will work with my set up.

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May I ask where you were able to purchase those items?

Of course. I bought them off their website

two 4.12 vesc should do it. cheap + reliable

Cool, thank you. I picked up 2 Torque 4.12

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where did you buy the kit?

I’m piecing it together. I bought some items from Backfire and another guy on this forum. Probably going to build a couple and see which one I like and sell off the other. One will have the X2 components and one will have belt driven motors. Still working on getting all of the components.

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