Battery and ESC enclosure wanted

Hello esk8 community

I need an enclosure that would fit a battery that is 272x138x19.5mm and also a ESC that is about 3x3x1 inches. I would like it all to fit into one enclosure

Where can I buy enclosures or who can make and sell it to me?

I’ve already checked out torqueboard and mboards, but they did not fit my specification


@eboosted sells some dope enclosures, as wel as @psychotiller they sell all different sizes and shapes, pretty much everything you could want.

@fottaz and @e.board_solutions sell some great enclosures in many different sizes. Maybe @bigben can even make you a custom one :smile:

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You guys know what the shipping time to the US for those sellers are?

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No idea… Just take a look at their website… :smile:

I take around 4 days to manufacture the enclosure and then if you choose DHL you should get it in 3 days more