Battery and other electronics attachment in enclosure

Hi! Can you please tell me how you attach batteries and other electronics in e-skate. I mean attach them to board or to enclosure. It’s good idea to screw them to board and enclosure there is only to cover everything, so no weight in enclosure?

I used heavy duty velcro for all the electrical components to the board. The batteries (I use lipos) are fit tight in the enclosure, wrapped in rubberized shelf paper to minimize abrasion. So the batteries are basically friction fit between the enclosure and the board. For reference I used Kydex, so it is quite strong.

Agree with @SageTX - I bought like a plastic tupperware lunchbox for £1, put everything in there and used adhesive velcro to stick the batteries down against it. I used a couple strips of velcro to stick the box to the deck too, its pretty good stuff and its 3 metres for like £5-10