Battery, BMS, and Charger Sale - take my stuff

I need to part out with some battery stuff to make some more room for new and better things. 6s3p, 10s3p, and 10s4p available, made of Samsung 25r cells and spot welded. I’ll let pictures and descriptions do the talking.

6s3p Samsung 25r li-ion pack. Balance wires and negative power wire soldered on (not by me but done correctly). No BMS. $75

6s 42a BMS with built in eSwitch and temperature sensor. BMS and 25.2v 2a charger. Only sold together. $60for both. if you want me to install the BMS on the 6s battery i will for an extra $20. 10s4p Samsung 25r li-ion pack. 2 layers of pure nickel strip. Everything ready to go, pre installed 77a BMS with eSwitch and 42v 2a charger. $299 plus shipping. If you want me to prinstall a battery percentage meter it will be an extra $16. I can trim the wires if wanted, but if you would like them longer I will leave them as is. 10s3p Samsung 25r li-ion pack. 2 layers of pure nickel strip. Everything ready to go as well. 77a BMS with eSwitch and 42v 2a charger. $239 plus shipping. Battery percentage meter is an extra $16. Prices are pretty firm as your already practically stealing them from me. Please leave any questions or offers here (not via PM). Payment through PayPal and I will get you my info when needed.

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Hey Jared, I’m interested in the 10s3p, just sent you a PM.

One 10s3p sold. Still got stuff left.

6s3p sold, I also have a bunch of 42v 2a chargers if anyone is interested.

2x 42v 2a chargers sold. 1 left. Still 10s3p and 10s4p available.

hey man, interested in the 10s3p pack - whatre the dimensions (incl. thickness at thickest and thinnest parts)? cheers!

L- 305mm / 12in W- 134mm / 5.25in H- 25mm (in BMS area 43mm)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

thanks for the reply! im trying to make the whole thing pretty slim, do you think itd be able to undo the shrink wrap and place the BMS alongside the battery? how much would the length be then?

10s4p sold and another pending. I still have some batteries left so let me know. Will be about a week wait.

Which batteries do you have left? Are any of them complete packs with BMS, switch, charger, etc?

10s4p going out! Still some batteries and 42v chargers left!

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I’ll take a 10s3p pack if you still have one available

Oh hell yea. Perfect timing for my first build. PM sent.

The last of the 10s batteries are sold! Only 1 6s3p battery and 1 42v 2a charger left.

I still have the 6s3p battery left and I need to get rid of it. I can bypass the BMS for 60a continuous discharge. PM me if interested.

I purchased a build off of another forum member mostly to get the Carvon hub motors and the enclosure. I’m swapping out some components so I figured I would offer them here.

4.12 VESC (not sure who the mfg is) MEB Anti spark Switch Bluetooth module

$100 for it all. I want to offer this to someone less fortunate so please don’t just buy these to have as backups.

I also still have a 10s3p Samsung 30Q battery pack for sale. PM for details.


Switch and Bluetooth module are sold, VESC remains for $75

Is the 6s3o battery still left?? @JLabs

Yeah I think so… pm me for details