Battery Building Service EU

Hey guys, so after building quite a few batteries (7) and there haven’t been any problems with them I feel pretty confident to start this “service” :smiley:

The reason why I’m starting this is mostly my ultra shitty financial situation atm, i got to survive somehow heh :upside_down_face:

I welded some of my old cells as a reference, the welds are not the fanciest looking but they take the abuse I threw at them pretty good (pushing the batteries in opposite directions, trying to split it together, pushing one cell up and the other down tldr none of them broke) The cells will be welded with fish paper insulation on the positive terminal, the sharp edges from cutting nickel will be eliminated all the wires and soldered spots will of course also come insulated you can choose between 10 and 12 awg and

I can process these orders within days of the cells arriving to me. Shipping will be handled by GLS as they seem to accept batteries and they are economical, around 30€ I believe

Im trying to offer an affordable option so heres the pricing formula

Price=cells from nkon + 10€ delivery + 15€ materials from nkon (nickel strip, shrink etc +bms (around 20€)+ 10€ per cell in parallel

So a 10S4P 30q = 205€ + 30€ charge only bms 12S4P 30q = 240€+ 30€ charge only bms

Also heres a link to some pictures, there are no holes in the nickel, i couldn’t get the angle right for some reason to make it look as it does irl, those welds that look like they burnt thru are basically welds where the nickel melted a bit. 12s6p 30q for @mackann


This is very affordable price. I don’t need it now but hopefully when I change country, I’ll need. What safety redundancies you use?

Do you mean something like cell level fusing? If the buyer wants it, I can do it for him but that is much more work, I did it one for my friends ebike battery.

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Wow, great value:smiley:. Shipping to the UK an option/rough price?

I can’t go cheaper then 230euro’s. How many packs have you build? There are to much fire’s and problems with packs… I’ am working hard on good packs. What nickle do you use?

Not going to lie, if delivery is reasonable, this is cheap AF.

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Nickel from nkon or depending whats in stock

3.8euro per cell 10euro for nickel 10euro for other materials 10euro for cell delivery +work

Is the BMS all good for charging and discharging? Also would it be possible for you to add a charging port, a power switch and a battery meter? What would the price be for a pack with all of those?

Charge only bms from bestech is included in the price If you menage to find a discharge type or have your own we can use that too I do not have any power switches but they are just plug and play right? I never used one… Battery meter is 7$

I wish this was available in the US!



@koralle Yes I know that it is not the best pack I have sold, I know the community is against wires between the nickleoff the cells. There is kapton tape between the nickle. I think my other packs are good. If you have any recommendations for me let me know.

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I hope that you use more layers of it? :wink:

Yeah… that is not many amps… with a good bottleneck of voltage sag :-/… I am hoping that nkon soon will get 10mm 0.2mm nickel

Incredibly affordable, might want a battery.

What would be the building time, from ordering from you for you to send it, approximately?

When all the material arrives, less than a week. @Zertax

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I just finished a pack, can take an order for the next one, everything except flexible packs :smiley:


I have not got my battery yet but from all help and pictures i got i can really recommend this guy for building your battery, i will write again here when i have tested the battery to :slight_smile: And he did it to a real good price!

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