Battery Building: Should these connectors work?

Over the next week I’m going to be disassembling my 10S4P 18650 battery and rebuilding it similar to the way @chaka builds his with 3D printer cell holders and cell level fuses. As well as this, the battery is going to be built into 6 smaller packs (4x 2S4P, 2x 1S4P) that are connected together in series so that each pack is under 99Wh. This way I can easily pull the battery apart when I want to be able to take my board on a plane.

For connecting the power cables between each pack I’ve bought spade connectors (which will be insulated with heatshrink) as they’re a bit thinner than bullet connectors.

I’m then looking at using servo cable connectors for the balance cables.

What do you guys think, should these do the trick?

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Why not just use bullet connectors?

I’m trying to minimize the thickness of the cables/connectors because because my current enclosure has limited extra room on the sides of the cells

What’s the mp rating on those connectors?

I’m unsure exactly but it says on the back that it’s designed for wire up to 6.8mm

My bullet connectors from the same brand have been used to have 20 amps between 3 of them for my hubs from vescs. Not sure if that helps anyone :stuck_out_tongue: