Battery calculation

Rookie question all things considering, but I have two batteries wired up in parallel. Both are 10S2P. Does that mean I have 10S4P when calibrating my voltage meter?

Also, I got an anti-spark switch that handles 100A. Is that enough? Not sure how to calculate the amps.

Yes now you have 10s4p. Yes 100a enough…usually… Which setup you have? Single, dual, quad and which motors. You build a streetboard or mountainboard?

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It’s just a Meepo board with the Samsung battery that it comes with and then I added the Sanyo battery. (You can see them on their website). And I weight 205lbs.

I want to add LED lights and a better battery meter and honestly I can’t digure it out with the current setup. There is no source on the ESC that has 40v when the thing is on and 0 volts when it’s off. So I figure I get a switch and control it that way.

Probably not the best idea to put Samsung and Sanyo batteries in parallel. They have different IR so they won’t discharge evenly.


Good point. I’ll be getting another Sanyo battery soon enough.

There are battery meters which possible to switch on and off on the display. That one you can connect directly to the battery.

I don’t want to switch on a display every time I want to ride and switch it off when I’m done. That’ll good old fast.