Battery Calculator Spreadsheet

You’ve always wanted to find the best cell for your DIY eBoard Battery right? Well now you can! Simply enter your cells in series and parallel and the spreadsheet will compare almost all cells on the market currently. All the data of the cells is from Battery Bro. If you find something you think is wrong, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Here is a picture of the spreadsheet: (it’s not pretty I know)

And the download link:

Google Spreadsheet (not editable, you will need to make a copy):

We should add something like voltage sag for the cells. Because there are good and bad 20A cells.Or like the 30Q which is rated as a 15A cell but performs better at 20A as the most other 20A cells.


Maybe I will include links to battery tests?

To do list:

  1. Add prices from different battery vendors
  2. Add battery link tests

Any other suggestions?

Thats a good start but as Ackmaniac pointed out, just because some cells are rated to high currents doesn’t mean they perform well. I use Sanyo GA cells which are only rated to 10A continuous vs Samsung 25R that are rated at 20A continuous but sanyo cells perform just as well up to 20A (Actually slightly better) because they dont sag as much which in turn means higher power output at lower current and better endurance.

I would link over to henriks tests (, but a lot of this goes right over people’s head as they don’t understand how to use the graphs.

I will add tests from Mooch and Henrik

just had a look at the homepage and the graphs and information is amazing. I kind of regret getting the 25rs now instead of the HE2 or 30Q. However I don’t see the Sanyo GA graph for 20A. Even for 15A he had to abort the test due to heat - which was not the case for the 25rs even at 30A. Am I missing something?

I have my own data for these cells. Cant share since it’s work related. In short. You can run them up to 20A for a couple of minutes, for eskate this doesn’t happen longer than 30secs

I totally agree. And to show that, i bought a temperature sensor that i will attach to my battery and make some videos so that we can see how the battery temperature goes up. And i think my Battery’s are a good example because they are laptop batteries and i stress them way above their limits. But i will also make some videos with high discharge batteries.

Also my app will show in the next version the average amp draw from the battery and to the motors during the ride. So it will be possible that everybody can analyse it’s own ride. I think that will be really interesting.

And i would love to see the app connected to a EMTB on the street and offroad.

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Here is a good comparison between 25Rs and GA cells. Each curve is the voltage vs Wh discharged for a specific current. As you can see for 25Rs at an average of 10A/cell you get 7.75Wh/cell while for the GA cells you get 10.2Wh/cell.

@TarzanHBK 30Q has been added

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I think I’m gonna build a web app front end to this, awesome data!


Please use the Excel Sheet if all you want to do is find the best battery. If you want to see prices, the google spreadsheet has prices from li-ion warehouse but the cells are spaced out more to fit the prices, so it’s a bit harder to find the cell.

All prices from li ion warehouse for available cells have been added

Total price for each cell x your total cells will be added soon

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