Battery capacity meter

I’m currently using this meter on my board, what’s the setting I should program the meter for a 36v Lithium ion 18650 battery pack? I was using Lipo 6s batteries before but I dont find a setting in meter for Lithium ion batteries. All help greatly appreciated, thank you.

10 cell

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Set as a Lipo 10 cell? Is that what you mean?

yes thats what he means.

Do you a link to where you got that meter?

Have a look on eBay they are about $5

That’s a 12v tester, not what you need for esk8 since our voltages typically range from 22-44

Sorry wrong link

Thank you!

Glad to help👍🏽

Thanks. Quick question, since im now running Lith. ion 18650 batts at 36 volts, what should i change my start cutoff and endcutoff setting in my vesc too?