Battery Capacity Tester vs Test batery App

Hi guys, I have this setup in my longboard but I dont understand why my BCT indicate 69% and my app metr indicate 39% I am sure the battery in this moment is the percentage of my longboard is 39%´ 24%20PM

The setup of my BCT is 12c that means I have one setup 12s2p. I want your help to this problem, thanks.

My Battery Capacity Tester is LY6 8-63V Lithium Battery Capacity Tester 12V/24v/36v/48v

i have a capacity lcd that was doing the same thing and another one that isnt , i think it just needs to be calibrated… i havnet figured it out yet tho :joy:

how I can calibrate this BCT?

I was indicated the setup actually is 12c for one setup lipo 12s2p

It works by counting how much Coulombs flows through over time.

I don’t have that model of voltmeter but the one I sell has the possibility to be programmable. Are you sure you don’t have a button at the back or something that you can use to set the number of cells in series? To me it looks like it’s reading the voltage having a lower battery configuration.

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Mi setup BCT is 12c

Actually I am two bateries in serie 6s 3 amp.r

I am just reading the specs. Did you adjusted AR reported here? How to adjust model: Press and hold the key on the back when turn off, then power on. Tester displays the present specification, then click key to adjust, select correct specification you need, then turn off and power on.

Specification code: 3C = 3 cells lithium battery, 4C = 4 cells lithium battery, 5C = 5 cells lithium battery and so on. 1P = 12V Lead-acid battery, 2P = 24V Lead-acid battery, 3P = 36V Lead-acid battery, 4P = 48V Lead-acid battery.

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I configure my BTC in 12c for one setup 12s2p, attachment link of my batteries .


My batteries:

I don’t understand why in the description it says 2P,3P to set the Voltage, but then you have 12 on the display.

Actually I have two baterries in serie Zyppy 3000mAh 6s thus my setup is:

2 batteries 6s in serie = 44.2V 3 Ah :slight_smile:

I show you the image of my BCT with 12c because my batteries have the configuration that I just told you.

Sorry I read wrong in the instruction. Yeh is clear that you have a 12s2p 3Ah battery. Then what you can try is to read the voltage of something else. Like the charger for instance or another battery. Can be that volt meter is defected

All right I will check the BTC :slight_smile:

I believe 0% for these meters are at 3.2v or so…

I had 5% showing when cells were at 3.3v

For lipo percentage should be higher anyway, I think.

Good cutoff would be at 3.5v or so.

So no less than 20% on meter, I suppose