Battery cels uneven

Hi there,

I just went to ride my electric longbaord and eventually the battery was empty. I wanted to charge it but then it said battery low voltage. I looked up how to fix it. I switched my charger to NiMH and charged it to 10v then i changed the setting to Li-Po and saw that my cells in my 3s battery’s are uneven. 1 cell has 0v 2nd cell has 1.28v and the 3rd cell has 5.00v. After 5 seconds the charger says battery voll err cell connect. Does anybody know what this means? I have a Imax B6 btw. Thank you for looking

One of your battery cells are probably destroyed or dead, or a wire come loose from cell 1.

If the cell 1 had much lower capacity then your other cells it is probably dead and destroyed because that cell will be empty first and when it is empty and the other isnt it will keep drawing current through it and destroy it more.

And what are your battery specs? 5S? 3S?

If a cell is really at 5v you need to put the battery in a lipo safe bag and safely dispose of it ASAP

He needs new battery then, if not a wire come loose and is touching the 3rd cell and “adding” the voltage for it, but that is not very likely to happen.

i have hat the bought these batteries about one month ago and i never really used them. So i just think it’s weird that this happens. Do you have any suggestions for new batteries?

did you charge them before you used them?

No i didn’t charge them before i used them. I changed the connections tho. I changed them from 5.5 bullet connectors to xt90 connectors.

I have Zippy flightmax 30c 5000mah 3S

How many in parallell/series?

all in series

3 in series sorry

How do you charge them? one by one?

yea one by one

but i saw that after riding my board once only one battery volts went down

do you have a multimeter to confirm the voltage. 5v is super high and scary. and you just got those. weird

my dad is going to get one tomorrow. What do i do with that?

Is your battery bulky? like it has a little bubble in the middle?

No i do not think so

you could try to push the wires to the left for this pictures so it goes up: So if it has “fallen out” you could try to push it up again?

multimeter? check the voltage to make sure. 5v you should put somewhere safe as was said. the 0v one is gone if it’s true. and likely the 5v too. did it get warm? and you’d charged the pack of three together? not balance charge with the balance leads attached?