Battery/charger for Electraskate 600w

I just received a used electraskate 600w board without batteries. Before I put a lot of money into this I’d like to know if I this is a viable transportation option around here. I don’t really want to go all that fast 15 mph is plenty. I live in Florida, and there are no hills here. A ten mile range would cover pretty much all the travel I do as well.

I need batteries. Apparently it originally came with three 12v 7aH 20HR batteries in a series. After doing my research I feel like there are much better options out there.

I was thinking something like three of these in a series?

I’m not sure if those will work or if there is a better option out there.

However, I can’t even get a definitive answer from reading the forum on how best to charge something like that.

Here’s your better option:

You won’t need a LiPO charger if you get one of these, it’s a plug n play kind of thing

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Ok so those include BMS. Am I correct in assuming that bms takes the place of a balance charger for Lipo? Basically you’re wiring up all your cells individually to the bms which monitors the voltage in each?

Yes and Yes. And these batteries, built by barajabali, are known to last without issues.

Wow! can’t believe those batteries are finally back in stock in the US. Been waiting for so long and didn’t want to pay excessive shipping cost from global warehouse. Thanks so much for the heads up. I just ordered 6 of them.:relaxed: