Battery confusion Dual Focbox

I have 2 focboxes and 2 6380 170kv torqueboard motors. I have also just purchased 4x 6000mah 65c 3s lipos that I plan to run in 12s. My question is do I need to double the battery series amount because i’m running 2 of everything? I’ve read through the starters battery guide and I don’t know if I’ve just missed that answer but it doesn’t seem to be addressed.

No. Run the 4 if them in series to get 12s. Or, if you want to run 6s, put two in series and two in parallel, so you have a 6s2p. Your choice.

make one battery, connect the two controllers in parallel.

sweet. A diagram on trampas website had me confused.I’m guessing doubling the 12s could also be an option?

They just wire it up separately. With it you can use lipos with lower c-rating. The lipos you ordered have a good c-rating and a good capacity. For two focboxes that’s more than enough if you wire your lipos in series as one pack and than connect your focboxes in parallel to the one pack you made.

Ohhhh. Awesome. Thanks for the help.