Battery connector, but one of them is a xt60 connector

So question to those who solders battery port chargers:

I have a battery pack that uses the generic red and black with a red pin connector, which needs to be connected together with the battery red and black red pin female port for the battery to be charged.

My question would be if its possible that I can solder a XT 60 connector as a charger instead?

since I don’t know where to actually buy the red and black redpin connector, I was thinking to do xt 60 to charger instead. But I won’t do it if it’s a bad idea.

If anyone can link me to this redpin charger, that would be helpful.

do you have some lipo battery style setup?

Main leads + balance leads?

Its more a 10s10p setup but the connector was not sent to me.

huh? what do you mean. Your question isn’t really clear.

Basically, instead of using the redpin charger cable you’ll find on many of these battery build, can you solder XT60 connectors for charging?

yeah ofc,.

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Thanks a lot!

If you want I’ll make you the charge port with the red end

I wanted to see if it was possible to change the connector. I actually found the name for that connector.

But thank you for the offer.