Battery Coulometer

Another DROK gem, a real battery capacity meter


I think there was also wireless version and i know that @Duffman found smaller shunt for one of these units

The only issue is the shunt. They get pretty hot when running 30+ amps on a bench. Let alone sealed in an enclosure. Besides, it’s still no better than the coulomb counter on the vesc. The vesc uses the same schematic.

There’s a 100A and 350A shunt version if you wanna go wild which should dissipate heat much better

Sure but why? The VESC already has a shunt resistor in it and all the components to measure energy. I mean the schematics are probably identical. Why would you want to carry that on your board? It seems unnecessary. Spend the $10 on a Bluetooth module and get the data straight to your phone if you really need it

Lol already have a dozen modules, just offering up an alternative to the voltage only displays that don’t actually tell you capacity. Also plenty of people not running vescs around here too.

Voltage is actually a much better measure of how much battery you have left but I won’t get into that.

It’s a great alternative to the voltage only displays if you have the space for it and don’t run vescs. I agree there.

I still think it’s ungodly large but that’s just me trying to keep everything nice and tight on my boards.

I very much don’t have the room for it either :wink: At least not in this build

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How tall/thick is it?


Nice! Would love to keep derailing your thread but I’m going to have self control here!

Carry on!

I’ll be doing a looong post on all the 30q packs I’ve made by the holidays, heaps of battery porn :yum:

I think this is better

Yeah but even bigger and not shock tolerant