Battery Cutoff Voltage

So I’ve just been working on the motor drivers and I did my first serious speed and power tests using the mobile vesc tool app, and I’ve been using it and its been really helpful with speed and power limiting and it goes plenty fast downhill and on flat ground, but as soon as I go uphill, the voltage drops really low, which understand is normal, but I don’t know what kind of settings I should have to counter this, below are my significant settings

Setup 10S2P 4AH Battery Meepo V3 Battery Li-ion, 2x 540 watt hub motors, 2FSESC 4.20 Pluses

Battery Voltage Cutoff Start 10v

Battery Voltage Cutoff end 8v

Speed Forward Limit 30 mph

Current Accel 90%

Current brake 100%

Max power out 800 watt

Max power Regen -500 watt

Motor Current Max 50 A

Motor Current Max Brake -25 A

Absolute Max Current 135 A

Max Current Scale 89%

Min Current Scale 100%

Battery Current Max 27 A

Battery Current Regen Max - 15 A

You have to setup your settings way more conservatively. 2x 27 battery amps is waaaay too much for old meepo 10s2p 4Ah battery. Something like 2x 10A would be maximum

Also, your low voltage cut off… you will kill your battery soon. Around 33V soft cut off, around 30V hard cut off.

You should really consider new battery for this setup because your battery is big bottleneck here.

Or maybe you got your battery info wrong? Meepo V3 battery with 4Ah?

EDIT: I am wrong! I see they sell 4Ah pack for V3 made out od samsung 20R cells. they should give high enough discharge (20-25A). but still, you should never discharge your battery lower than 28-30V